Child Dentistry

If you’ve got little ones, you may be wondering at what age they should begin seeing the dentist. Do you wait until they start school or should they be treated at a younger age? At Lee Dental, we offer comprehensive dental care for children of all ages. We recommend that your child be seen for an initial exam and cleaning at around 3 years of age unless you see something in your child’s mouth that you feel should be examined sooner, so call and set up your child’s initial exam today.

Children begin to get baby teeth within the first six months of life and by six or seven years they start to lose these teeth which are replaced by secondary, or permanent teeth. Baby teeth are just as important for children as permanent teeth are for adults – they are needed for chewing, speech and aesthetics as your children develop. Oral examinations for children aid in early detection of tooth decay and other dental disorders.

We believe it is important to establish a relationship between dentist and patient early-on so that we can provide the best care possible as your children grow older. Our professionals will help your children establish healthy habits and we are always available as a resource to parents. Coming to the dentist for the first time doesn’t have to be scary – we know how to interact with children using kind, supportive techniques so that they actually look forward to their dental checkups.