Aesthetic Composites

If you’re looking to achieve a beautiful smile, bonding is an affordable option that can transform small or slightly crooked teeth into a row of beautiful teeth. Bonding involves the use of composite resin which has been trusted in dental practice for years. Because of its durability and aesthetic appeal, it’s remained a popular choice in tooth restoration.

Composite resin can be applied directly to your teeth to build up a chipped or damaged tooth or make a tooth wider to eliminate an unwanted gap. If your front teeth are spaced unevenly or appear smaller than they should be, we can use composite resin to create the look you desire, building up small teeth or reshaping damaged teeth. The outcome is a beautiful, natural look that can often be achieved in just one visit.

Advantages of Aesthetic Bonding or Composites

  • Minimal preparation
    Unlike crowns or veneers which are custom made in a lab, composite resin is applied directly to your teeth and molded once it’s in place so there’s no need for fitting or sizing ahead of time.
  • Cost effective
    Because there are no pre-appointments or lab fees to create a custom tooth or crown, composite resin is often less expensive than other aesthetic alternatives.
  • Easily removed or repaired
    When necessary, composite resin can be removed from a tooth without damaging the natural structure underneath. It’s also easy to repair should it chip – by roughing the damaged area a new composite can be applied and bonded to the tooth without showing any signs of damage.
  • Longevity
    In many cases, bonding can last for 10 years or more. The composite resin material is durable, but may require some maintenance to retain esthetics.